Tern Vektron – Electric and Folding – Price & Specs Australia

Eagerly awaited worldwide, we’ve secured two of Australia’s six Tern Vektron S10 folding e-Bikes* built to an exceptional quality and providing a brilliant and adaptable ride.

Based upon stylings of their Verge frame, Tern have built an entirely new pedalec electric folding bike with a longer wheelbase for stability and to accommodate the 300aH mid-mounted battery and Bosch Active Line motor.  They’ve specc’d it out with quality lights front and rear, their rear Cargo rack. There’s also the option of using Tern’s Luggage Truss to also add a KlickFix pack or basket up front. Puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Apple tyres which provide a free-rolling, but compliant ride soaking in the bumps. A compliant saddle and ergo grips, as well as the decision to use a removeable, instead of folding pedal ensure your contact points are the best they can be.  In its full ‘Turbo’ mode you should get about 40km range, however if you crank it back to Sport, Tour or especially Eco you’ll get considerably further.  And indeed, if with the e-Assist completely switched off, the 10 speed gearing makes it quite easy to manage.

It would suit the widest range of rider heights, with the combination of Tern’s Andros adjustable handlebar stem, and a telescoping seatpost.  Folding is simple, using Tern’s standard ‘N-fold’ and OCL-joint hinge clamps.  The frame is reinforced underneath with small spacers to ensure when folded it doesn’t rest upon the motor.  Folded size easily fits within most car boots or wagon/SUV rear space.  Alternatively, if you don’t have a lot of room at home, you can tuck it up out of the way, ready to bring out to ride.

Come on in and take a look, and a test ride, yourself – but don’t delay.  We have Victoria’s only two Vektrons, and there’s already been quite a bit of interest over the past few months since they’ve been announced and becoming available in different countries.  You could be the first in Australia to own one.

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