standard care - $130

  • Adjust gears and brakes
  • Lubing all cables
  • Lubing of drive chain
  • Check and tighten all bolts
  • Safety inspection of frame
  • Correctly inflate tyres
  • Truing of wheels
  • Diagnostic software reports
  • Updating of firmware

advanced care - $250

  • All of the standard service
  • Replacement of all cabling
  • Full degrease of drivetrain or replacement
  • Replacement of brake pads
  • Full brake service
  • Charge battery

velo love club - $500 value

  • Free membership with each bike purchase
  • 1 hour of mechanic time per year for the life of your bike
  • 10% off parts during services
  • Priority service for emergency repairs
  • Guaranteed loan bikes

The Velo Service Guarantee

Certified, friendly mechanics.
Access to loan bikes.
On-the-spot assessment when you come in.
30-day guarantee on all mechanic servicing.

Booking information

During lockdown we will not be able to service your bike but we will be able to do repairs. Please call us before hand. Feel free to Give us a call at +61 3 8488 8929

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