Riding is a fun, social activity that many people have rediscovered in the course of our numerous lockdowns. Googling “bike ride” will result in an almost limitless number of images showing people riding and having fun. Couples, families, groups, large cycling events, young people, old people, differently abled people – fun for everyone!

The key to enjoying a bike ride with friends and family is firstly having a bike that suits your needs and goals. This may mean upgrading your current bike that might look good, but just isn’t fun to ride. 

And sometimes it means getting a bit of an assist. An electric assist. 

Electric bikes (ebikes) have really taken off in the past few years, locally and globally, and there’s no sign of this curve flattening any time soon! The overwhelming majority of customers buying ebikes are people just like you; singles, couples, mums, dads, grandparents. Ebikes enable more people to enjoy riding more often, and further than they might otherwise consider. 

With a little electric assist suddenly just keeping up is no longer an issue. Admit it or not, the pressure of not falling behind is a big barrier to many people’s enjoyment of a ride. Being able to ride together and have breath to talk? Not lose (or get lost by) the kids? What revolutionary ideas! What’s more, you’ll probably still have energy left at the end of the ride instead of feeling completely spent.

Riding an ebike doesn’t have be about going fast. Going fast is exciting, but not every ride needs to be at full tilt (it’s not heresy, it’s the truth). In fact, we encourage you to ride at your own pace on every ride, not only if you have precious cargo on board.

As for hills? Headwinds? We’ve got your back. We still strongly recommend using your manual gears in conjunction with your electric assistance for the most comfortable and efficient ride, but you can say goodbye to walking up every slope (or avoiding them completely). 

If an ebike sounds like the perfect solution to enjoy your rides again, or even if you’re just a little curious, here is a taste of the range we offer:

Upright Comfort

Kalkhoff’s Endeavour Comfort range provide a comfortable upright riding style that doesn’t comprise on efficiency. The mid-mounted Bosch motor and battery make for a well-balanced bike, making handling easier. Made in Germany, Kalkhoff develops reliable ebikes as a carefree option for going about your everyday business and for leisure use too. 

Kalkhoff ebikes for business and leisure

Due to make their Australian debut this November are O2Feel ebikes. Designed and assembled in France, O2Feel have been producing comfort commuters, powered by Shimano, since 2009. We’re very excited to add these to our existing range.

O2Feel ebike models are arriving soon!

urban & off road performance

Our range of Focus ebikes provide you with a choice of performance and style, whether you’re looking for an urban commuter/utility bike, a road bike or a rugged mountain bike.

Focus for performance and style

folding bike

The Brompton Electric is a compact and versatile ebike made in London. Renown for its’ reliable fold, the Brompton Electric is designed with the city commuter in mind, but this ebike is also perfect for leisure rides on share paths and rail trails around the state. Don’t write off the front hub motor; combined with the small wheel (16”) it packs a lot of punch when you need it. Ideal for homes or workplaces with limited storage space, these are so easy to fold and take with you – anywhere!

Brompton Electric bikes #ChargeUnfoldGo!

e-cargo bikes

The amazing popularity of the Tern GSD and HSD eCargo bikes has not caught us by surprise, because we know just how awesome these bikes are! More and more families are buying eCargo bikes as a car-replacement option, and business owners are starting to follow suit. Both Tern bike models excel at handling well whilst easily and safely carrying hefty loads; from children to groceries to half a hardware store, or everything at once. With a low centre of gravity, the option to fit a second battery (GSD only) and an ever-increasing range of brand-specific accessories, you can kit your bike out exactly as you need it to work for you. We also love that one frame size fits most people; the adjustment between riders is quick and easy. 

Tern GSD & HSD - carry a little or a LOT!

Not sure which bike is best for you? Swing by our store for an obligation free test ride (Covid restrictions permitting) or contact us for more information.

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