Riding a Bosch E-Bike on the Victorian Rail Trails

We all look for a sense of freedom, and bikes are called the freedom machine for a good reason.

As we all know, life at times can throw obstacles our way and having that sense of freedom can be difficult to reach but not altogether unachievable, especially with an E-Bike! So here are some of the reasons why we enjoy getting on our E-Bikes so much and riding the Victorian Rail Trails.

Firstly, the E-bike makes every ride so much easier than a standard bicycle, you can choose how much assistance you would like your E-bike to provide. Feeling abit tired, no problem, you can use turbo mode or feeling very energetic this morning, you can use Eco mode. The versatility of the engine can help in any riding situation.

Most of the trails will have some kind of accommodation along the way, re-charging your battery overnight will be no problem on multi-day rides if you choose to take this option. You will be able to start each day with a fully charged battery.

Secondly, with the motor assisting your ride, you will be able to go further and see more but still get a good workout. Most trails are well maintained making a longer ride more pleasant.

And thirdly, (my personal favorite part) E-bikes allow you to really enjoy the surroundings. When pedaling is a pleasure, you have the opportunity to really take in the landscape, any animals that might be around and to really just enjoy the ride whether on your own or with family or friends.

Most Victorian trails are accessible by train, you can park at the train station, do a ride for a day or 2 and then take the train back to the car.

As mentioned before, many of the trails have accommodation along the way. You can also find many restaurants, cafés and vineyards dotted along the trail, all adding to what can be a fantastic getaway.

The time it can take to do a trail can vary. Some like the Lilydale to Warburton can be done in a day and you will pass through some amazing forests. Others require a little more time and planning, like Tallarook to Mansfield where accommodation is needed, Airbnb comes in handy for this and bookings may be needed to visit local vineyards.

Or there is the opportunity to go a bit more off the grid. Some trails like Leongatha to Yarram will bring you face to face with some of our beautiful wildlife but do not worry where your next coffee will come from, cafés are not too far away and they will give you the opportunity to charge your E-Freedom machine if it is needed.

Feel free to contact us via Email or our website to hear more about what the Victoria and what E-Bikes have to offer to you.

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