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Extremely well connected: Thanks to the smartphone with the COBI.Bike app, the SmartphoneHub can become a fully networked control centre that navigates and records activities and connects them to other services and apps.

Well conceived solution

Clever connections: The combination of SmartphoneHub, COBI.Bike app and smartphone creates a completely connected riding experience. At the same time, this gives you maximum flexibility so you can use your eBike with or without a smartphone connected.

Integrated display

Even without a smartphone on the handlebar: The 1.5-inch LCD display integrated in the SmartphoneHub shows the most important riding data and enables the eBike system to be activated.


Always a reliable guide: The COBI.Bike app guides you reliably to your destination – with either 2D or 3D map view. The navigation instructions are also issued by voice output using the smartphone.

Live weather

The carefree way to cruise through the countryside: Up-to-the-minute weather forecasts ensure you are always well-informed, thanks to the COBI.Bike app.

Training partner

Setting and checking goals: The COBI.Bike app turns the smartphone into a digital trainer by connecting to fitness and health services like Apple Health, Google Fit and Strava.

Fitness data

Fitter with the smartphone: The COBI.Bike app gives you a permanent overview of the most important training data such as performance, cadence and calorie consumption. It is also possible to connect a heart rate monitor using Bluetooth technology.


The easy way to listen to your favourite music or the latest thriller: The COBI.Bike app gives you access to music and audio book streaming services.


Easy handling: The separate control unit enables you to control all functions comfortably from the handlebar. The voice output means that you no longer have to look at the display while navigating or changing functions.


Clear layout: Information is always perfectly readable, whether on the display of the smartphone or SmartphoneHub.

Charging function

Charging the smartphone battery while on the move: The smartphone can be connected to the SmartphoneHub using the USB port or by means of the optional iPhone mount, enabling it to be conveniently powered from the eBike battery.

Wireless update

Always up-to-date: software updates for the SmartphoneHub can be installed with ease using wireless technology with the help of the COBI.Bike app.

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Product Enquiry

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