Abus Lock Bordo 6000 Alarm – 90cm SH Black


The Abus Bordo Alarm takes the security of the Bordo 6000 to the next level with the inclusion of a 100dB intelligent alarm system.

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Something to make bike thieves think twice: as well as the ultra-safe mechanical features boasted by all of the folding locks in the ABUS BORDO range, the BORDO™ Alarm 6000A is the first folding lock anywhere in the world to sound an alarm (at a volume of 100 dB) if it detects an attempted attack. It does so thanks to the smart 3D Position Detection sensors, which detect the smallest of movements in all three dimensions. The sensor technology incorporated into the BORDO™ Alarm 6000A can distinguish between picking attempts and the small vibrations which occur when the lock is connected, for example, or a football bounces nearby; in these situations, the lock will emit a small warning beep but will not sound a full alarm. Acoustic signals provide information on battery level and activity status. • The Bordo Alarm takes the security of the Bordo 6000 to the next level with the inclusion of a 100dB intelligent alarm system. • The alarm is designed to not prematurely activate, allowing for movements that might happen while a bike is locked in tight quarters • Continued movements will set off the alarm for 15 seconds and will repeat until movement stops. • Thanks to the patent pending -intelligent transport position-, activation is also avoided during transportation. • The battery and activity status is displayed by means of acoustic signals giving the owner ample notice if a battery replacement is needed. Bracket The bracket design is compact, making it easy to transport the lock on your bike frame. The lock can be tilted forwards and removed in one easy action. The alarm can also be switched to transport mode to ensure that it is not active during transport. This setting is adjusted using the locking bar. Changing the battery The BORDO™ Alarm is fitted with a standard CR2 battery. The battery can be easily changed by hand without any additional tools. When the battery is losing power or going flat, the lock emits a warning tone each time you engage the locking bar. This sound is different from the usual sound when you close the lock. It is recommended that you change the battery after at least a year to maintain the product guarantee.

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Product Enquiry

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