Commute back to the office, Focus planet2

Back to the office with E-bike

Heading back to the office? It’s not just “the office” we’re all going back to.  Will be going back to seeing your colleagues face-to-face again, back to having lunches out. It’s back to dressing in more than “daytime PJ’s”. It’s back to the daily commute. Also mean back to being jammed in a metal box with increasing numbers of other people, if you catch Public Transport, or stop-start traffic if you drive

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Before you leap into anything new, it pays to know what you’re getting. And get Frequentely Ask Questions, Answered. Maybe it takes some of the thrill out of life, but there will still be plenty of ways to get your adrenalin pumping AFTER you buy your ideal bike. Many of our customers are curious about ebikes that are making up an increasing percentage of the bicycles seen on our paths

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Free Him! (in Chocolate)

When there’s only one of anything, it’s a bit special.  In store right now, we have the one and only Kona “Libre El” available in Australia. Not the only one left, but the only one that was even sent here! Translating to “Free Him! (in chocolate)” the Libre El is built on Kona’s immensely popular Libre platform and runs a gravel-specific drive train and brakes to ensure your ride is always

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Why a Tern HSD should be your next bike

  So you’ve decided to buy an e-bike for daily commuting. Good call! Choose wisely, and you’ll never regret it. But how do you choose? E-bikes are booming, and the options for urban commuter bikes are endless. Figuring out which urban e-bike fits your lifestyle isn’t as simple as it used to be, we’re here to help 🙂 The best way to decide is to narrow down your options through a

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Riding is a fun, social activity that many people have rediscovered in the course of our numerous lockdowns. Googling “bike ride” will result in an almost limitless number of images showing people riding and having fun. Couples, families, groups, large cycling events, young people, old people, differently abled people – fun for everyone! The key to enjoying a bike ride with friends and family is firstly having a bike that

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Riding a Bosch E-Bike on the Victorian Rail Trails

We all look for a sense of freedom, and bikes are called the freedom machine for a good reason. As we all know, life at times can throw obstacles our way and having that sense of freedom can be difficult to reach but not altogether unachievable, especially with an E-Bike! So here are some of the reasons why we enjoy getting on our E-Bikes so much and riding the Victorian

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