The e-bike market has seen very strong growth in recent years. With the support of the FIM, the FMB will organise, in collaboration with various partners, the first events for electric bicycles in Belgium.

The first event will take place as part of the Bikersland exhibition on and around the Circuit Jules Tacheny in Mettet on 9 June 2019. The event will be organised by the club FMWB, RUMESM.

For the second event, a partnership has been reached with the mountain bike organisation ‘Mountainbike of Flanders’. They will organise this event on 24 August 2019 as part of their famous mountain bike event in Kluisbergen, on the former motocross circuit of Hotond Arena.

The third event will be organised by the VMBB club, KV Ostend Motor Sport, in conjunction with the local Beach Bikers cycling club. The exact date has not yet been confirmed, but the event will probably take place in October or November on the beach and in the dunes of Ostend.

Competition Format

The events will be accessible to all electric MTB owners. 2 classes will be scheduled: – 25 km / h and + 25 km / h. The exact format of the competition remains to be determined and could be different on each course.

The goal is to offer participants an interesting course where the riding and the management of the battery will be decisive. In all cases, the events will be open to beginners and experienced cyclists.


The promotion of this new discipline has been entrusted to, a platform widely recognised in the world of mountain bikes and electric mountain bikes. They will try to attract electric bike manufacturers to test and rent e-bikes at each event. Some stars (from motorcycle sport and cycling) will also be invited to participate.

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