Families in search of a high-end cargo bike have probably come across the GSD, a heavy load-hauling workhorse from Tern that can completely replace the family sedan. But high-end e-bikes don’t come cheap, so many parents might be left wondering: is it worth the investment?

We think so, and we’ve come up with five compelling reasons you should spend your hard-earned cash on this magnificent machine.

1.     It packs plenty of punch

While most cargo e-bikes struggle to travel uphill with a full load, the Tern GSD is a brilliant exception to the norm. A powerful Bosch engine lets the rider cruise up even the steepest city streets, regardless of what (or who) is sitting behind. With a 10-speed drivetrain and an 11-36t cassette, the bike boasts enough acceleration to never feel sluggish when zipping around town.

And despite its superior horsepower, the Tern GSD has enough juice to have you riding all day long. A cutting edge dual battery system from Bosch gives you a range of up to 250km—you could even carry two kids, week’s shopping, and go road tripping.

Tern GSD - batteries

2.     It’s got pulling power

The Tern GSD boasts a maximum gross vehicle weight of 200kg—enough to haul two children or one full-sized adult. The bike fits up to two Thule Yepp Maxi seats to accommodate people of all sizes, and a whole host of accessories ensures a comfortable ride: KLICKfix seat cushions, an under-seat handle, retractable footpegs. And given the GSD has a super-low centre of gravity, the rider won’t even notice the passenger(s) on the back.

Riders who need to lug cargo will love the sturdy hold panniers on either side, each with enough room to stow oodles of goods—think groceries, toys, a tent, beer, or even the kitchen sink.

3.     It’s fun for the whole family

Just because it’s a tough load hauling-machine doesn’t mean dad has to take the driver’s seat. The Tern GSD has an adjustable seat that’s specially designed to fit mum, dad, or the kids.

Anyone from 150-195 cm can hold the handlebars, and you know the kids will love taking this thing for a spin around town. Moving the seat up and down takes a matter of seconds, so there’s no harm in sharing the fun with the whole family.

Also, check out this Tern GSD review how effortlessly it performs the role of many of the car trips and how picking up the kids from school has never been so much fun.

Tern GSD - it's fun for the whole family

4.     It’s compact

You might think a cargo e-bike with a high gross weight capacity would be excessively long and arduous to weave around town. Not the Tern GSD, as this beast comes in at a petite 180cm, the same length as a conventional bike.

How is that possible?

Small 20-inch wheels sit low to the ground to provide extra stability for the rider, and, in turn, reduce the overall length.

When you’re not hauling the shopping or the kids, you can manoeuvre the bike wherever you like. Then once you’re done, a specially designed bike stand allows you to store the unit vertically to save on space.

The unique feature of folding down the handlebars enables the Tern GSD to fit into a medium-sized SUV without dismantling the wheels.

Tern GSD - it's compact

5.     It’s safe

Safety is the primary consideration at Tern, and the GSD is designed to be sturdy and straightforward to ride. A lengthy 125cm wheelbase makes the bike easy to handle, while its low frame, small wheels, and centrally located motor create a super-low centre of gravity that makes balancing a breeze.

Add to that a pair of tough, near puncture-proof Schwalbe tires plus an array of bright LEDs and reflective decals, and you’ve got an e-bike optimised for safety.

Tern GSD - it's safe

Why You Should Buy a Tern GSD

The Tern GSD is one of our favourite cargo e-bikes on the market, well worth the investment for families who want to transport the kids (or the shopping) in a fun and environmentally friendly way. With plenty of power, a large cargo capacity, an adjustable seat, a compact design, and stacks of safety features, the Tern GSD is a load-hauling beast that’s impossible to beat.

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